Ways to Donate

Gifting Policy Resolution

The Pekin Park Foundation has long been the beneficiary of gifts and donations from members of the community.  In order to be fair to all who wish to express their generosity in this way, and to attend to the needs of the Pekin Park District and the community, the long range plans of the Pekin Park District, and the general public good, these policies are adopted as guidelines for review of gift requests.

In Kind Donations

As a 501 © 3 Not-For-Profit Charitable Organization, the Pekin Park Foundation possesses the means to accept in-kind contribution of marketable securities and other assets. Do you own appreciated stocks or other marketable securities? Do you know you can donate securities, avoid the tax, and get a charitable donation for doing so? Selling them with the intent to donate the proceeds would create a taxable gain for you. But, if you donate those assets directly, you will avoid that tax since the tax exempt Foundation would be the seller. In-kind donations can be directed to be placed in the Pekin Park Foundation’s unrestricted funds, the endowment fund, or designated to be utilized towards improving a specific facility of the Pekin Park District. Your Planned Giving Counselor can provide further guidance regarding this.

Kroger Community Rewards is another way to donate to the foundation. When you register online at krogercommunityrewards.com, you can enroll by typing “26984” in the search bar. Our organization will popup, and simply click enroll. See the screenshot for more info. 


Gift Catalog

The Pekin Park Foundation provides a Gift Catalog listing items that one may purchase as a recognition, a memorial, or to fulfill a desire to make a specific gift to the park. In the past, gifts have included park benches, lamp posts, bench swings, and other items that the park has identified as desirable improvements.

Cardio/Exercise Equipment

The Annual Funky Monkey Golf Event

The annual Funky Monkey Golf Event benefits Pekin Park Foundation’s Steve Funk Junior Golf Fund. The fund aims to allow area youth to participate in junior golf programs within the Pekin Park District at a reduced rate. Pekin Park District’s junior golf programs include Junior City Tournaments and other Junior Golf events open to all ages, High School and younger, regardless of income. For more information on the Junior Golf Program and the Funk Monkey Golf Event, contact Cory Proehl, Director of Golf, at 309-346-1969.



Tree Donor Program

Trees are a unique and green gift that provides enjoyment for generations to come.

The Pekin Park Foundation’s Tree Donor Program provides opportunities for meaningful tributes to family, friends and special occasions, or for memorializing the loss of a loved one. Tree plantings are needed in many parks.  The Pekin Park District’s Superintendent of Parks will work with donors to select the area best suited for the type of tree planting desired.  Plantings are done in the spring and fall depending on the tree species. Tree cost is dependent on tree species, size and who is planting the tree.  Donors receive a Commemorative Certificate and Tree Planting Document that includes a photo of the tree and an aerial map with precise GPS coordinates.  Your tree information is included in the Park District Tree Donor Record Book for future reference.

Opportunities to help Golf, Parks and Recreation.

Steve Funk Junior Golf Fund
In recognition of Steve Funk’s 40 years of a tireless work ethic and the love of the game of golf as Superintendent of Golf for the Pekin Park District’s Lick Creek and Parkview Golf Courses, the Pekin Park Foundation has established the Steve Funk Junior Golf Fund. Money contributed to this fund will be used for, but not limited to, teaching and promoting golf to young golfers, providing funding assistance to those that cannot afford to learn the game, and purchasing the necessary equipment for clinics and programs.

Tom Elliott Park Improvement & Enhancement Fund
In recognition of Tom Elliott’s 42 years of loyal and dedicated service as Superintendent of Parks for the Pekin Park District, the Pekin Park Foundation has established the Tom Elliott Park Improvement and Enhancement Fund. Money contributed to this fund will be used for, but not limited to, the Pekin Park District making improvements to its existing park grounds, or adding something of benefit to the parks and for its patrons. 

Terri Gambetti Scholarship Fund
In recognition of Terri Gambetti’s 38 years of providing rewarding and valuable educational and recreational opportunities to the community of Pekin as Superintendent of Recreation for the Pekin Park District, the Pekin Park Foundation has established the Terri Gambetti Scholarship Fund. Money contributed to this fund will be used for, but not limited to, providing funding assistance to those that cannot fully afford programs offered through the Pekin Park District’s Recreation Department.


Gifts to the Pekin Park Foundation’s endowment earns interest and dividends that can provide funding for a wide variety of current and potential recreation programs, and improvements to park grounds and facilities.

We welcome your feedback

We also welcome your thoughts and input as to how we can better serve the community. There are beautification desires that citizens may want to see. Please contact us to discuss specific locations you are interested in, as approval may be necessary.

For additional information on the Pekin Park District Gifting Policy, please see the attached document above, or contact us today!

Various gifting opportunities can provide maintenance, scholarships, enhancements, improvements, recognitions, and memorials. The Pekin Park Foundation will assure your anonymity in your gift or bequest, or publicly recognize you or your family if desired. Gifts to the Foundation are tax deductible.

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