The Campaign for The Mineral Springs Park Performing Arts Venue
Architectural Rendering - Mineral Springs Park Performing Arts Venue

The Campaign for the Mineral Springs Park Performing Arts Venue

Help People Connect & Enjoy the Arts

Gather with friends and neighbors to celebrate live music and the performing arts at the Mineral Springs Park Performing Arts Venue! This state-of-the-art, outdoor event space will provide a common area for community events like the Marigold Festival in addition to plays, musicals, dance recitals, concerts, and more. Replacing the outdated and out-of-service Show Mobile, the Performing Arts Venue will offer a wonderful area for our community to enjoy special occasions in the outdoors.

The Design

The new Performing Arts Venue will feature an elevated stage and performance area measuring 45 feet wide across the front and 40 feet deep and will include an overhead shelter. Located in Mineral Springs Park, the venue will be nestled at the base of the hillside just north of the hillside parking lot, in the location where the old restrooms were.

Highlights of the Performing Arts Venue include:

  • Curved, laminated timber beams and tongue and groove wood decking under the roof will give the shelter a striking aesthetic.
  • Supported by powder-coated steel posts, the shelter roof is angled and tapered to direct sound outward toward the audience and improve acoustics.
  • Extra deep stairs spanning the entire front width of the stage will serve as risers for performances.
  • Space for outdoor instruction and learning is included as well as casual seating when performances are not scheduled.
  • Accessible ramps flank both sides of the stage.
  • A 15-foot by 35-foot masonry building will serve as the stage backdrop and house the electrical and audio/visual equipment. This building will also be used for storage space.
  • The building will be painted on the sides and rear to match the new restroom building and overall color scheme for building structures within Mineral Springs Park.
  • An accessible concrete sidewalk will be constructed between existing ADA parking spaces in the hillside parking lot and the performance shelter. Another concrete sidewalk connection will be built between the shelter and the new restrooms to the northwest.
  • A paved concrete patio area is proposed in front of the performance stage for accessible seating and programming space.
  • The venue will be close to adequate parking, ADA accessible, and built with quality materials.

We will dedicate a space on the rear of the venue to recognize major donors, so their contribution is honored and remembered for the life of the building.

Your Support is Vital.

Can we count on you?

The fundraising committee is made up of your neighbors and friends who are members of local civic organizations. Collectively, the committee is seeking grants as well as corporate and private contributions to fund the project with the goal of starting construction spring 2024.

The current budget is $1.2 million for the new Performing Arts Venue, providing fun for all ages for generations to come.

In partnership with:

Architectural Rendering - Mineral Springs Park Performing Arts Venue

Meet the Fundraising Committee

Our campaign committee members are passionate about raising funds to offer the community A New View & Venue, helping people Connect & Enjoy the Arts. The new venue will provide visitors with a view of the Lagoon while enjoying concerts and events. We’re proud to be part of the exciting future the new Mineral Springs Park Performing Arts Venue will offer all ages of Pekin residents. As a community-based group, our committee members include several people who have given their time to longtime nonprofit organizations like the Pekin Park Concert Band, Pekin Marigold Festival, Pekin Civic Chorus, and the like.

Architectural Rendering - Mineral Springs Park Performing Arts Venue

The Funding Plan FAQ’s


Are tax dollars funding it?

No, the Pekin Park District has not pledged any tax dollars towards construction of the structure, although they will take on ownership of the structure and will maintain it into the future.

Where will the funds come from?

The committee is seeking grants as well as corporate and private contributions to fund the project. In addition, we are looking for opportunities to partner with local contractors and other vendors that may offer in-kind donations to offset cash expenses.

How can I donate?

Click one of the two yellow ‘Donate’ buttons on this page.

Is my contribution tax deductible?

Yes, Pekin Park Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, is providing the fund collection mechanism and will hold the dollars in a designated fund for this project.

Your support is vital… as we continue to help people connect, play…and now enjoy a new view & venue.

Architectural Rendering - Mineral Springs Park Performing Arts Venue
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