FAQs - Pekin Park Foundation

Is the Pekin Park Foundation part of the Pekin Park District?

No. The Pekin Park Foundation is a completely separate, community-funded, non-profit group that helps support the Pekin Park District with added funds and scholarships.

Why do you need donations? Doesn’t the Pekin Park District get funding from taxes?

As a taxing unit of government, the Pekin Park District works to be the best steward possible of the public funds entrusted to it. They are always striving to meet the changing recreational needs while preserving tradition. However, things do come up that may not be budgeted or are not able to be budgeted for. As an older park, repairing, renovating and replacing the Park’s aging infrastructure can become expensive. The Pekin Park Foundation was created to help meet these needs, and make “want-based” projects a reality too.

What types of projects has the Park Foundation been involved with?

Through gifts and donations, the many benches, swings and decorative light poles have been installed at Mineral Springs Park and other parks throughout the Park District. Many trees have been planted throughout the Park District through the Tree Program. The Pergola at the Pavilion, the James Field Project, the paving of the Pekin Sports Complex paths, the renovations at the Miller Senior Center, the renovations to the Illinois River Valley Special Recreation Association Recreation Center at the Robert N. Blackwell Administration Building, the replacement of the ice rink boards at the Memorial Ice Arena, replacement of the Park Police vehicles, replacement of exercise equipment at Parkside Fitness, and replacement of equipment at Lick Creek and Parkview Golf Course were all completed through the Pekin Park Foundation.

What are the ways I can give?

You can buy a gift through our catalog or purchase a tree in memory of someone, fund a scholarship, donate through shopping, add to the endowment, make an in-kin contribution, propose and fund a project, or just make a general donation. To learn more, visit our Ways to Donate page or Contact Us.

Will I be recognized for my gift and/or donation?

The choice is yours. We can publicly recognize your gift or donation, or you can choose to remain anonymous.

Are gifts and donations tax-deductible?

Yes! Because we are a 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit organization, classified as a Public Charity 509 (a) (3), any gift you make to the Foundation is tax deductible.

Do you accept project and program ideas?

Absolutely! We love to hear any ideas you would like to share. Just Contact Us to get started!

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